Day Dreaming

What do you search in life? Someone must know about it. And, it’s not so easy. One said that it’s complicated to search the meaning of life rather than try to manage it. In fact, we never fully understand ourselves, so the question is how can we define the meaning of our life. What its matter, what doesn’t, what’s important to our life and so on. So many questions arise. Once, there is physiatrist that tell, in imaginary way, that there must be homunculus (little creature) living inside our head. They control our act, proposing something that we should do.

Everything in this world starts with an idea. Human always wander something that sometimes they couldn’t afford to do it. Things like this that makes us never happy in life. We aren’t still capable accepting the fact who are we.

If you can dream, but don’t make your dream become your master,’ said Kipling.

Life is just like a puzzle. But, we can’t ever leave our history. Human can change by the way; it’s only matter of time and only that things make us unique. Everyone not has the same hat. How you chose to react in certain situation, just those things that make the difference, because sometime we can’t chose what kind of life we deserved.

What’s that make us feel happy? How we define (that) “happy” feeling? All the things begin to become relative because of that question. Between 0 and infinity depend on who answer it. I remember something fishy story about that. When I was a student, the thing that made me happy was graduating from school with the best score. When I graduated from school, the thing that made happy was finding the good job. When I was an employer, the things that made me happy was finding good mate. After I married, the thing that made me happy was having a baby. And, so on…

So life, when its comes to the definition of fulfillment “the life” itself, is like a loop that never end before we are dead. War of mind is never end. Hence, instead of escaping from reality, we wouldn’t us life fully in this moment, for every second that will just pass and never come back.

Feel today, forgot tomorrow. Today is a present, isn’t it? The only best things that we can do in life is learning to survive, so with that we could guide our future. Make our own way. Sense …, Listen, Hear, Feel and pass it …..   Every person that we meet everyday could become our teacher. They trying to remind us cause there is no accident in life.

Duran Duran- Ordinary World


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